Accu Announces Hollybank Trust as their Charity of the Year

Hollybank Trust is thrilled to announce that Accu has chosen the Trust as their Charity of the Year, an initiative that sees business support individual charities by highlighting the work they do and helping to raise funds for them.

This new partnership will see Accu play an active role in volunteering activities at the Trust, such as putting on their gardening gloves to help with the upkeep of the gardens and fostering new connections with pupils at Hollybank School, which will help them to practice and improve their social skills. A group of team members from Accu will also attend the Trust’s annual Celebration Day on 9th July, an annual event that invites care teams and internal staff at the charity, parents of residents at Hollybank, charity partners, and supporters to a day of music, games, and refreshments at the main site of the charity in Mirfield.

Team members from Accu and Hollybank Trust will also prompt open-ended conversations with one another, sharing their own knowledge and best practice on internal wellbeing initiatives, how to implement and uphold internal values, and how they can work ‘better together’, which is central to all Hollybank Trust partnerships.

There are plans for the Assistive Technology team at Hollybank Trust to attend engineering workshops at Accu, which comes at a pivotal time for Hollybank Trust as they have undergone a significant digital transformation within Hollybank over the last decade. The charity has introduced new assistive technology which has streamlined the ways in which staff communicate with residents to understand their likes, dislikes, wants and needs. Residents now have access to communication devices and communication buttons to ensure their voice is heard. In alignment with the theme of ‘technology through the decades’ at Hollybank, Accu have designed a robot to bring with them and take for a spin on the charity’s annual Celebration Day. On the day, Accu will have a chance to learn more about the history of the charity, meet residents and staff from across all areas of Trust, and get creative with through the decades themed fancy dress costumes to commemorate 70 years of the Trust so far.

Accu will benefit from disability awareness training and time spent in Hollybank homes, gaining first-hand experience of the ways in which different disabilities affect people. This enhanced understanding and deeper insight will be gained through Accu team members attending activity days with young people and adults at Hollybank Trust, and through older pupils from Hollybank School who are looking to gain work experience attending invaluable work experience days at Accu.

Anna O’Mahony, Chief Executive of Hollybank Trust, commented:

“This partnership with Accu is a very exciting opportunity for the Trust. We are so grateful of the support Accu is offering in our fundraising efforts and through the volunteering taking place. Hollybank stands to learn lots from Accu due to their expertise in engineering which will assist us on digital transformation journey.”

A group of team members from Accu have already launched into action by taking part in Volunteers’ Week at Hollybank Trust, visiting the main site in Mirfield to tidy up an outdoor space that is used as a social hub throughout the summer months.