Are we dreaming? Hollybank becomes Sleep Right School

sleep right

Here at Hollybank, we work hard to gain new skills and further knowledge on important topics so that we’re armed with the best tools to help the people we care for, and our parents and families.

Dawn Hufton, our school’s family support worker, is now an accredited ‘Sleep Right’ advisor. This means we now have an abundance of resources and information to share with our school and respite families around sleep – and sleeplessness. Topics include:

  • Current evidence about sleep
  • The impact of sleeplessness
  • How to improve poor sleep, with a specific focus on sleep and behaviour
  • Sleep and certain medical conditions
  • Sleep and anxiety
  • Everyday approaches to sleep problems
  • How to talk to parents
  • Covid-19 and

Sleep Right accreditation is something not many schools have. We’re grateful to Dawn for attending the course so that Hollybank can continue to stand out from the rest and have more resources and expert advice to offer our parents and families.