Corporate Engagement

How you can help

Hollybank work with a range of businesses, organisations and individuals to develop partnerships to provide additional funds or initiatives for our children, young people and adults.

All the money we receive from our supporters goes directly towards improving our on-site facilities or additional activities such as our hydrotherapy and rebound centre – and provides our children, young people and adults with tools and equipment specifically designed to give them more independence and make their lives a little easier.

Our partnerships

Here at Hollybank, we have several very successful partnerships with local companies across Yorkshire and some national companies too.

Working with local and national businesses and organisations really helps us spread the message about what we do far and wide and raise awareness about the important work we do with children, young people, and adults with profound disabilities.

Did you know we offer corporate social responsibility days? Take a look at our Corporate Relationships Brochure to find out more!

Charity of the Year

We are always thankful when other organisations choose to partner with us. Not only does it help raise awareness of what we do, it also raises much needed funds for our children, young people, and adults. 

Adopting a Charity of the Year is an effective way for businesses, organisations, or local community groups to focus their approach to charitable giving and actively involve employees or members of their group, whilst helping a charity to achieve greater financial security and enhanced community support.

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You can help support us to continue our work across Hollybank.

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Making a difference

“We wanted to do more than set up a direct debit! Seeing the impact of our funding locally was a huge draw for us at Treka Bus.”

Morgan Clissett, managing director at Treka Bus

Powerful Partnerships

In 2021, we established a new partnership with a local financial company based in Liversedge, Gray Financial Ltd. The team at Gray Financial approached us as they were looking to support a local charity and they decided they would like to put Hollybank Trust forward as their charity of the year. We were extremely grateful to Gray Financial for choosing us, and we were excited to hear about the fundraising ideas they had in mind. Gray Financial are part of a wider financial network called The Openwork Partnership who run a foundation that supports charities like Hollybank.

The Openwork Partnership foundation works with other organisations and businesses to support vulnerable children and adults in the UK and overseas. Each year their colleagues and advisers raise on average over £500,000 to support everybody from new-born babies to people later in life. As a nominated charity, we were able to apply for a grant which was successful and we were awarded £3,000, which we put towards activities and projects to benefit the lives of the children, young people, and adults we care for here at Hollybank.

In addition to choosing us as their charity of the year, and helping us secure the Openwork Partnership grant, Gray Financial also completed additional fundraising, including a sponsored walk and a raffle. We cannot thank Gray Financial enough for putting us forward for the grant and for their fundraising efforts. We were able to invite them onto site in Summer 2021 and they presented us with a cheque for the money they had raised through their fundraisers, and we also got the chance to talk about how we could work together more closely in partnership.

Paul Toher, Financial Adviser at Gray Financial said, “We were recently welcomed down to Hollybank Trust for an outdoor site visit and a tour of their 22-acre site. It was great to see how much they have grown over their 65 plus years and to hear about all the services they provide, not just to our local community but also nationwide. They have and are constantly expanding and updating their services to meet the needs of all the individuals they support. It was a real eye opener to see how many projects they are hoping to take on to develop outdoor sensory spaces to support the learning, development, and independence of the people they care for.”

We are grateful Gray Financial reached out to us back in 2021, and we are so glad we were able to begin a partnership with them which has gone from strength to strength and has helped us to provide enjoyable activities which contribute to the full and happy atmosphere we try to create at Hollybank.

Maintaining relationships

As well as establishing new partnerships, we also continue to work hard to maintain long-standing ones. We have partnered with Treka Bus for seven years and they provide a great deal of support to Hollybank Trust through their support with our assisted vehicles, our employee recognition scheme and they also financially support Little Pips.

As major suppliers of adapted buses across the UK and experts in mobility matters, they understand Hollybank’s mission to provide quality of life for the children, young people and adults who use our services. They get where we are going as a charity and are eager to do whatever they can to support us in getting there. Every month, we present our ‘Treka #BeSomeone Award’ which was formerly the ‘Carer of the Month Award’ and has always been funded by Treka.

This award recognises a member of staff for going above and beyond in their role throughout the month, and for demonstrating our #BeSomeone behaviours.

Thanks to Treka, we can present the chosen staff member with a £100 voucher to treat themselves with! We are so grateful to Treka for not only supporting the people who live and learn at Hollybank, but also our staff and helping us to create a positive working environment. “We wanted to do more than set up a direct debit! Seeing the impact of our funding locally was a huge draw for us at Treka Bus,” admits Morgan Clissett, managing director at Treka Bus (part of Woodall Nicholson). 

“We love the fact that our team can see exactly how the money is being used – and witness first-hand the difference it makes to people’s lives. Whenever we come away from a Hollybank visit, we cannot help but feel humbled and proud. It gives us a warm and fuzzy feeling to play a part in the work they do.”