Hollybank holds ‘Removing the Stigma of Disability’ Photography Exhibition

Hollybank residents smiling

In 2021 it was agreed that an event should be held to celebrate our children, young people and adults at Hollybank Trust and tackle the wider social challenges of removing the stigma of disability. We also wanted to raise awareness of what Hollybank Trust does and the things the amazing people we support can do!

As well as wanting to change the perception of disability, we wanted to build links with local education providers and so we collaborated with Leeds Arts University and asked some of their photography students to come and take photographs of some of our adults.

This project enabled us to bring people together and allow both the adults we care for, the staff involved and the university students to have a unique shared experience. It also enabled us to think about how we can focus on ability not disability and the personal images that were taken as part of this campaign shows just that.

The day of the photoshoot was a very exciting day, and we all got something different out of it.

The day was also filmed by local videographer, Sam Teale Productions and we played the video at our exhibition which took place on the 13th of July and was attended by Cllr Masood Ahmed, Mayor of Kirklees as well as local businesses and Hollybank staff.

The adults who were photographed also attended the event, and so did the staff who supported them on the day as well as some of their families.

We’d like to thank Leeds Arts University and their students for their professionalism and creativity.

We’d also like to thank Gray Financial who have part funded this project and all the staff here at Hollybank who made the day run so smoothly and made it such a special and memorable day.

Our biggest thanks go to the stars of the show, the adults who formed the focus of our exhibition. They are the reason we do what we do at Hollybank.