Our therapy approach

Hollybank has a specialist team of experienced physiotherapists and assistants, working flexibly across the whole Trust, from reception age upwards. Their person-centred approach uses a wide variety of therapeutic approaches to maintain health and wellbeing. This includes:

  • Assessment and provision of 24-hour postural management equipment and programmes
  • Tailored therapy programmes with regular reviews
  • Hydrotherapy and rebound therapy sessions
  • Promotion of ability and mobility
  • In house clinics, including Consultant review, seating, orthotics, Botox
  • Education and training

Assessing specific needs

Our children, young people and adults have the appropriate physiotherapy input according to their assessed needs. The team provides advice and guidance on acute issues, as well as supporting long-term conditions.

The Bradbury Centre

At our main site there is a multi-therapy centre which includes rebound and hydrotherapy facilities. The hydrotherapy pool plays a big part in our physiotherapy provision. Hydrotherapy and rebound therapy have many beneficial effects for the complex needs of our children, young people and adults.

Equipment assessments

Many of our children, young people and adults require specialist equipment, such as moulded seating, sleep systems, standing / mobility aids, and orthotics. Our physiotherapy team completes assessments in each of our residential homes to make sure people have the equipment they need to promote posture and maintain their independence.


A word from our parents

“Hollybank staff, volunteers and residents are a huge part of our family. You are amazing at the best of times and have proven to be exceptional during such challenging times. A huge heartfelt thank you to one and all.”

Get in touch

To discuss requirements, speak to a team member or organise a visit please get in touch.

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A word from our parents

“There really are no words to express what I would like to say, you have all been amazing, totally dedicated to your work and so supportive of all family members. Thank you so, so much for care!”