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Here you’ll find all the information on Hollybank School including information about our head teacher, policies, our school governors and term-dates.

Term dates

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Our Headteacher

Cara Broadbent is the Head Teacher in school, she has worked at Hollybank Trust since 2016 when she came to support the opening and development of nursery provision in the school. 

Prior to working at Hollybank, Cara worked in Mainstream provision and a Children’s Centre’s having achieved BA (Hons) in Primary Education with an Early Years Specialism and worked in a specialist resource provision unit.

Cara has worked across the school age ranges and became the Deputy Head Teacher in 2020 then the Associate Head Teacher in 2021. Cara holds the National Qualification in Senior Leadership and her Level 5 Operational Managers qualification with a double distinction.

Evidence for Learning

If you are a school parent, click the button below to log in to the Evidence for Learning app to see what your child has been doing in school.

School Policies

Here you can view and download all of our school policies. If you require any paper copies of the policies please contact the school on 01924 490833 and we will be happy to send a copy out to you in the post, free of charge.

Behaviour Support Policy

It is vital to have a behaviour support policy to achieve a harmonious, safe and stimulating environment for everyone.

Complaints and Concerns

All of our services and departments rely and depend on feedback from children, young people, adults and carers of the service offered.

Nursery Charging Policy

Read our charging policy for Hollybank’s Nursery School.

Promoting British Values Plan

At Hollybank we promote British values through our own school values, curriculum delivery, school offer and enrichment activities.

School Child Protection Policy

Read our School Protection Policy

School Development Plan

Read this document to see our school mission statement, priorities and aims.

School Ethos & Values

Take a look at our School Mission Statement.

Special Education Needs Policy

We aim to provide all pupils with strategies for dealing with their special needs in a supportive and caring environment.

Safeguarding Children and Young People

Hollybank is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all of our children and young people.

Communication and Literacy Policy

At Hollybank we respect the need to provide our learners with an environment rich in opportunities to proactively engage in communication and early literacy activities. 

Class Dojo Acceptable Use Policy

Class Dojo is a free online tool and app which connects parents and carers with teachers.

School Curriculum

The Hollybank School curriculum is based on the principles of personalised learning. Please see our school’s mission statement below.

“Our children and young people will be nurtured in a supportive environment. They will receive the highest possible standards of support, guidance, care and education. Everyone is valued, all achievement is celebrated and together we will overcome challenges so that all lives are lived with quality”

Below, you can view and download documents with additional details about the elements that make up our school curriculum.

School Curriculum Rationale

This is our school’s mission statement and it is our core ambition for all learners to reach their full potential and make a successful transition to adulthood.

Early Years Curriculum Rationale

The Hollybank School curriculum is based on the principles of personalised learning.

Personal & Social Skills

This area is concerned with the pupil’s ability to appreciate the significance of physical and social contexts.

Physical Skills

Read through our Physical Skills document to learn more about our physical skills programme.

Communication Skills

Communication is of prime importance in the curriculum. Learn more about what we offer.

Sensory Skills

Our senses play an essential role in our education and the way in which we grow and interpret the world.

Cognition & Learning

For many pupils with complex needs, access to situations and events that may be
considered commonplace, everyday experiences for other pupils may be restricted.

Transitioning Into Adult Services

Transition into adult services is a process that starts from the age of fourteen to allow pupils the time needed to become accustomed.

Relationship & Sex Education

In line with Government policy, all pupils at Hollybank School have an entitlement to receive Relationships & Sex Education.


Our anti-bullying policy clarifies for everyone at Hollybank School that bullying is always unacceptable.


This document contains our school attendance policies, procedures and the related legislation.

School Governors

Here you can find information on Hollybank’s school governors.

Jan Thornton

Chair of Governors & Impact Link Governor

Jan was appointed by the Governing Body in March 2014

Drop Jan an email

Ailsa Moore

Head of Children’s Services

Ex Officio

Cara Broadbent

Associate Head Teacher

Ex Officio

Anna O'Mahony


Ex Officio

Brigette Bake

Community Governor and Vice Chair of Governors

Brigette was appointed by the Governing Body February 2022

Coreen McGowan

Community Governor

Coreen will be appointed by the Governing Body September 2023 and will take on the role of Link Governor – Early Years.

Mohammed Raza Khan

Parent Governor

Mohammed was appointed by the Governing Body December 2023

Helen Mackey-Bowen

LA Governor Kirklees

Helen was appointed by the Governing Body February 2022

Annabel Lane

Executive Director of People, Communication and Children’s Services

Ex Officio

Rachel Randles

Staff Governor

Rachel was appointed by the Governing Body in September 2022

Eva Kemecsei-Lister

Parent Governor

Link Governor—Behaviour & Safety

Eva was appointed by the Governing Body September 2017

We have high standards and have been rated as Outstanding by Ofsted for the past ten years.

Find Us

Address: Hollybank School, Roe Head, Mirfield, WF14 0DQ

Contact us by phone: 01924 490833

Email: [email protected]

School contact: Our Family Support Officer, Dawn Hufton deals with all school enquiries.


We are also able to signpost the families we support to other services that may benefit them.

We have access to all the facilities on Hollybank’s main site in Mirfield, including a hydrotherapy and rebound centre.

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A word from our parents

“I have zero concerns with my child’s schooling. The Evidence for Learning App is extremely heart-warming to see. I love seeing all the stimulation my child receives.”

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