What We Do

Hollybank Trust is a charity based in West and South Yorkshire and we are proud of our reputation for excellence over our rich history.

Our Care

Our mission statement is to provide education, residential care, plus a range of therapies and enrichment activities for children, young people and adults with profound and multiple disabilities. 

We focus on ability not disability and celebrate our differences.

A local employer

We are a large local employer with around 600 employees and our services are commissioned by 40 local authorities.

Join us to make a difference and help us to continue to make Hollybank a special place to live and learn.

Our homes

We have ten residential homes, seven of these are on our main site in Mirfield, one is in Holmfirth, one in Barnsley and one in South Kirkby.

Each home has been designed to support specific needs and all have access to our education, enrichment, therapeutic and clinical services.

Our Locations


Beeches is a thirteen-bed home for adults, located on our Mirfield site. This attractive, wooden-clad bungalow is one of three homes that make up the Meadows.

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Poplars is a twelve-bedded home on the main site in Mirfield. It forms part of the Meadows.

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Conkers is a seven-bedded home on our Mirfield site. It makes up part of the Meadows, with its wood-cladding and attractive landscaping.

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Bradbury Therapy Centre & Hydrotherapy Pool

The Bradbury Centre is Hollybank’s hydrotherapy and rebound therapy centre, located adjacent to the Elms Centre on our main site in Mirfield.

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Willow Court

Willow Court is our dedicated nursing home, located on the main site in Mirfield.

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Orchard Court

Orchard Court is our children’s residential home in Mirfield. Located downstairs, it boasts seven accessible, en-suite rooms, all of which are wheelchair adapted and fitted with tracking hoists.

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Holly Court

Holly Court is a fifteen-bed home with its own gardens, located on the main site in Mirfield.

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School & Nursery & Main Reception

Located next to our main reception is our Nursery and School. We’ve got great facilities and a professional team, who are passionate about learning and proud of the difference we’re making to people’s lives.

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Roe Head

Roe Head is a grade two listed building and is the oldest building on our Mirfield site. It is steeped in rich history as all three Bronte sisters were educated here when it was a school in 1830. We now utilise this space for our central services teams.

Memorial Gardens

Some of our Children come to Hollybank Trust from a very young age and may stay with us all their life. However, due to the complexity of their needs some unfortunately lose their life while they are here in our care.

Therefore, to remember these children/young adults we have created this memorial garden which has several name plaques in their memory and allows parents to feel close to their loved ones.

It’s also a peaceful and reflective space for the people who live and learn with us and their families to visit.

Sensory Gardens & Play Area

The memorial gardens lead into the sensory garden area which has some musical instruments and other sensory play items such as sensory planting and lighting for the people who live and learn with us to experience.

We also have a fully adapted outdoor sensory play area for our school children to enjoy. The outdoor space has a wheelchair friendly trampoline, specialist swings and a light panel canopy.

Rowan Court

Looking out across the Holme Valley, Rowan Court can accommodate fifteen adults in en-suite rooms.

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The Sycamores is an eight bedroom, fully accessible home, located in the heart of South Kirkby.

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Oak House & Acorns

Oak House and Acorns provides accommodation for up to six people with physical disabilities and/or sensory impairments.

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The Elms Centre

Our enrichment team specialises in providing a meaningful, person centred day service provision for people over the age of 18 years with profound and multiple learning disabilities with complex needs.

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Brambles is our second children’s residential home in Mirfield. Located upstairs, it has eight accessible en-suite bedrooms with colourful personalised decor to reflect the personalities of the children who live there.

Focus on being family

Because of the work we do, families can focus on being mums, dads, brothers and sisters, rather than teachers, nurses and carers. The impact of our 24/7 care and support goes way beyond our sites too, out into the communities where we operate.

Ability not disability

We know that exceptional care goes beyond making sure individuals have a safe, secure place to live and making sure their daily needs are met. At Hollybank, we work hard to provide holistic care and therapy that encourages people to explore their interests and pushes them to reach their full potential.

We focus on ability, not disability. The people who live with us have complex medical needs, the vast majority use wheelchairs to move around and very few can communicate verbally.

Our on-site therapy team support each individual to provide them with what they need to live a full and happy life.

Our facilities

The needs of our children, young people and adults lie at the heart of everything we do and that’s why we’ve invested in the best facilities possible:

  • an outstanding school
  • a state-of-the-art hydrotherapy and rebound service
  • a forward-thinking assistive technology team that helps people maintain their independence
  • beautiful grounds

Nothing pleases us more than seeing smiles on faces. We make peoples’ lives better – not just the children, young people and adults who come here, but also their friends and family.

Our #BeSomeone Values

Nothing pleases us more than seeing smiles on faces. We know that exceptional care goes beyond making sure individuals have a safe, secure place to live and making sure their daily needs are met. We’ve identified a number of behaviours that will help you shine while you’re working at Hollybank.

This is what you need to be, if you want to #BeSomeone here.

Be confident

Push yourself out of your comfort zone from time to time; don’t be afraid to challenge things; try new things – you don’t know unless you have a go!

Being confident is about: being self-assured, asking your colleagues for help when you need it; challenging any behaviour or working practices that you feel are inappropriate or unsafe.

Be curious

Ask questions; have a voice and share your views; look for new ways of doing things that get better results; be open to learning; show an interest in the job you’re doing and the people you meet here.

Being curious is about: being inquisitive, welcoming change, showing an interest in other people’s jobs, not just your own; asking lots of questions about the way that we do things and why; putting yourself forward to try new things and put new ways of working into practice to see if it’s any better than the status quo.

Be happy

Enjoy your time here; build strong relationships and give your best self; appreciate the difference you are making by being here; do something every day that makes you smile.

Being happy is about: being cheerful and positive, bringing your best self to work and immersing yourself in the tasks you are given; exploring opportunities for development and stretch within Hollybank; sharing your enthusiasm for life with the people we are here to support.

Be kind

Always. Look for ways to help your colleagues; remember to get the work/life balance right; try and see things from a different perspective

Being kind is about: caring and compassion, reaching out to your colleagues if they look like they’re struggling; being an active member of the team, working together to achieve shared goals; taking care of yourself outside of work and seeking support if you need it.

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A word from our parents

“There really are no words to express what I would like to say, you have all been amazing, totally dedicated to your work and so supportive of all family members. Thank you so, so much for care!”

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